RBC Young Leaders

R.B.C Young Leaders

The R.B.C. Young Leaders Group is older than the establishment of the school itself.  The group was first started at our school in 1991 by the Principal and now great political leader, Mr. Orville London. The club emerged victorious on more than one occasion and aims to enable students to become Young Leaders for the future and positively affect their schools, homes and communities at large. The club’s membership usually comprises of 30-50 students and 3-5 teachers. It changes in numbers and names as each year and each new project begins. Some of the teachers who were involved over the years touch our lives and school society even today. Mrs. Baachus, Ms. Paria, Ms. Stewart, Mr. London himself and in more recent times, Ms. Bridgeman, Mr. Benjamin, Ms. Holder, Ms. Mohammed, Ms. Trotman, Ms. Moore, and Mr. Olivier. This is a truly phenomenal group and Signal Hill Secondary is proud of every young leader we have produced.