Signal Hill School Band



October 28th, 2011

Likened unto a chrysalis emerging from its cocoon, ready to explore the world by taking a breath of fresh air and delicately unfolding its wings to take flight, so too has the Signal Hill Secondary School taken flight to new dimensions. The Signal Hill Secondary School’s Band operating under the band name – THE MATRIX – had its genesis when teachers started diligently analyzing the quality of assemblies. It was indicated that an atmosphere of worship and rejuvenation must be created each morning at assembly that sets the tone for the rest of the day at school. Recognizing this, and carefully seeking a solution to this seeming crisis, two teachers – Mr. Nigel Williams and Mr. Alister Adams found the solution in the formation of a school band. A cocoon was formed and students with musical ability were asked to attend a meeting to discuss the formation and nature of the band. As in anything there are birthing problems, and giving the emergence of this beautiful butterfly which today we are about to launch was not easy. Problems ranging from reluctant, shy musicians, lack of proper instruments, lack of finance among other issues were some of the problems faced. With much prayer, practice and perseverance a band was formed and assemblies took a drastic transformation. There was rejuvenation, there was praise, there was an atmosphere of joy created when each morning a very shy pianist, bass guitarist and drummer took the stage to play for assembly. With great encouragement from the student body and staff, they have emerged bravely from their cocoon and spread their wings and flew to achieve great things thus far.



Some of these achievements include:


  • Leading school assemblies each morning
  • Performing at the staff’s Christmas Dinner 2010
  • Performing at the Gospel Ministers challenge Competition where they accompanied all artistes and the lead singer of the band copped second place.
  • Accompaniment at TUCO 2011 International Year of People of African Descent

These are but a few of the flights that this band has taken.

Soaring to new heights required funding and new instruments and today we want to publicly recognize the contribution of the Department of Education, Division of Education Youth Affairs and Sports and the contribution of then Secretary Mrs. Claudia Groome – Duke as they unhesitatingly provided funding to enable the band to purchase new equipment and instruments. We thank you for giving us the wind beneath our wings to fly.


Today THE MATRIX – The Signal Hill Secondary School Band experiences metamorphosis as new eggs are emerging and forming in butterflies, that is, there is growth of the band being blessed with new members, opportunities for training and the experience of new genres of music.

Today the Signal Hill Secondary School Band as it spread its wings and launches officially, they have come to win, to fight all hindrances, to thrive beyond all measure, to conquer all ills, to survive the difficult times, to prosper, to rise as the beacon on the hill and to fly the flag of the Signal Hill Secondary School by the grace of God.