The Junior Co-operative

The Junior Co-operative

The Junior Co-operative Society at Signal Hill Secondary School was established in 2003. It is affiliated with the Bethel Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited of Tobago, which is renowned financial institution that has its roots steeped in Tobago’s heritage of thrift and financial independence.

The organistaion at the school was the initiative of Mrs. Sandra- Dee George, who spear headed the movement with the aid of Mrs. Wendy Baptiste- Henry, Mrs. Jenny Richardson- Bruce , Ms. Karrell Duke and Ms. Jennifer Caruth.

The main objective of establishing the Junior Co-operative Society within the school was to promote the idea and benefits of saving among the student body, with the promise of full refund of investment.

It has been a successful venture embarked on by the school. The students who have saved with the society have enjoyed the opportunity of seeing their savings grow and having the ability to create a plan for their savings, at the end of their school life.

The Junior Co-operative Society continues to enjoy the support of students and parents under the guidance of the teachers of the Business Department at Signal Hill School.