Technical Vocational Department

Teachers in Department: 


Stacy Abraham    
Alister Adams    
Dexter Charles
Vaughn Charles    
Quaisi Duke     
Sherma Frank-Davis
Esla Habib    
Anthony Joseph    
Denise King
Godwin McGerald    
Joan Morgan-Morris    
Ria Paria
Joel Telfer    
Christopher Clarke
Rebecca Smith


Subjects Offered:


Technology Education
Food and Nutrition
Clothing and Textiles 
Mechanical Engineering Technology

Electrical Installation
Auto mechanic
Wood- Building Technology 
Technical Drawing
Electrical Electronic Engineering
General Food Preparation



 Oustanding Achievements:


1. NCSE (National Certificate of Secondary Education) -The highest percentage of passes gained for the school was in Technology Education.


2. CVQ (Caribbean Vocational Qualification)


a. Beauty Therapy- Level 1- Teacher: Ms. Esla Habib.


These students gained a full CVQ certificate:-


i. Candice Edwards


ii. Nandy Baptiste


iii. Dwylle Pilgrim


iv. Ulani Fletcher


v. Shakielia Campbell


vi. Curlani Roberts


b. Cosmetology- Level1- Teacher: Ms Denise King.


10 students received unit awards in 10 units.


c. Electrical Installation- Level 1 – Teacher: Vaughn Charles


17 students received unit awards in four out of five units


3. CXC(Caribbean Examinations Council)- Food and Nutrition and Clothing and Textiles- CSEC- Teacher: Sherma Frank-Davis and Ria Paria (respectively)


100% passes